Weight Watchers A-Z

Today's letter is:

  • The APP

    Stay on plan wherever you are. Access Tracker apps for iPhone, iPad and now Android and get ProPoints® Calculator apps for Blackberry or Windows smartphones when you join or sign up today.

  • BEAT the sedentary environment

    If you're not very active right now, start structuring your environment to encourage you to sit less and move more. This could not only help you to achieve your weight goals, it could also help you to stay there. Getting active also earns you activity ProPoints values. You can put them towards your weight loss efforts or add them to your ProPoints budget to give you more flexibility with your eating.

  • Choice not Chance

    You can't control what you feel, but Weight Watchers can help you have more control over what you do. By helping create a sustainable behaviour change, Weight Watchers can not only help you to lose the weight, but to keep it off for good - helping you to make informed choices, and not leaving things to chance.

  • Daily ProPoints Allowance

    The tried and tested ProPoints plan not only empowers you to reclaim control of the overloaded environment, it also gives you the freedom to eat what you enjoy as you lose weight. Every food has a ProPoints value. Weight Watchers gives you a daily and weekly ProPoints budget to spend as you choose.

  • Everyday Favourites Cookbook

    120 recipes all with ProPoints values, making it easier for you to follow the ProPoints plan. Recipes to suit every lifestyle – from take to work lunches to help you beat the high calorie High Street; quick to make suppers to help you avoid mindless snacking when you get home; to Friday night ‘take away' alternatives to enjoy with the family.

  • Flexible and liveable

    With Weight Watchers, nothing is off limits and there are no strict food rules. You can eat real foods in the real world. Go ahead. Enjoy your favourites, go out to eat, and still lose weight.

  • Gregg Wallace, TV Food Critic

    Gregg lost 17.5lbs in 13 weeks using Weight Watchers Online: "Weight Watchers is so easy to learn – especially on the App. It's never out of my hand. I know the ProPoints values of my lunch before the waitress even comes over to take my order! Bish bash bosh"

  • Breakthrough Science of HEDONIC HUNGER

    Scientists have discovered that when we say "Oh go on then!”, it's not our weak willpower that's to blame.

    It turns out our brains are hard-wired to make us want to eat when we see tempting foods – even if we've just eaten - this breakthrough science is called "Hedonic Hunger"

  • INFORMATION is power

    The first step to taking control of the overloaded environment is putting a value on everything you eat and drink. ProPoints values are an accurate measure of a food's contribution to your weight loss efforts and help guide you towards more satisfying choices - information is power!

  • My Journal

    A motivational 12-week weight loss diary for you to keep track of what you eat, drink and do and write your very own story of success.

  • Kensit, Patsy

    Patsy Kensit has been following the Weight Watchers ProPoints® plan and has lost over a stone in weight in 17 weeks. "I've been trying to lose weight for 14 years and nothing worked. Weight Watchers New Approach is straightforward and easy to follow. It's so easy to stay on track, eat well and still lose weight. Weight Watchers isn't about losing a dress size in a week, but losing two dress sizes for life. I've got my sparkle back for good!"

  • Leader

    Get guidance from an inspirational Leader who's lost weight with Weight Watchers, and encouragement from members just like you, while you discover weight-loss strategies in a fun, interactive and informative weekly meeting.

  • Meetings

    There's nothing like a Weight Watchers meeting. The invaluable support and motivation, plus the proven Weight Watchers approach, are what make meetings work for so many people.

  • New Approach

    The weight loss secret we've all been waiting for - Discover Weight Watchers New Approach. Our ProPoints plan can help you reclaim control of the overloaded food environment and ultimately your weight.

  • Weight Watchers ONLINE

    Learn to follow the ProPoints plan completely online. Whether you're busy with your family or your job, at home or on the go, Weight Watchers Online is with you. Access our entire suite of tools anywhere via a computer, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android Smartphone.

  • Penny Haslam, TV Presenter

    Penny Haslam lost 14.5lbs in 16 weeks with Weight Watchers Online: "Weight Watchers is so easy – it fits in with my lifestyle and teaches me simple tricks about being smarter with food. At 40, I've got the body I've always wanted.. I'm better, faster, quicker, hotter... Bring it on!”

  • Weight Watchers Quiche

    Make midday meals magic with our fabulous foods. New twists on old favourites and plenty of delicious ideas for a super tasty lunch. Weight Watchers Quiches are ideal.

  • Reclaim Control

    Our new approach to the ProPoints plan helps you to navigate your overloaded environment so that you're able to take back control and win at weight loss. With the ProPoints plan, you'll learn how to make your environment work for you - not against you - in small, realistic steps that aim to make your weight-loss efforts second nature.

  • Success Stories

    Don't take our word for it, our Success Stories fit Weight Watchers into their lives, and you can too. To read some inspirational stories check out: www.weightwatchers.co.uk/success

  • Tracking

    Keeping tabs on what you eat and drink is one of the most important weight loss skills. It's proven that tracking your food, weight and physical activity helps you lose weight. Without tracking, many people tend to believe that they have eaten less and moved more than they actually have. With Weight Watchers, you'll learn simple ways to keep track of your daily food and exercise habits and learn how to make changes for the better.

  • Unlimited Meetings with MP

    Monthly Pass is designed so that you can access Weight Watchers your way, whenever and however you choose: With Monthly Pass you have the freedom to attend any meeting you like, anytime you like. Monthly Pass gives you unlimited access to Weight Watchers eSource, your online weight loss companion to meetings, which has great weight loss tools to keep you on track between meetings.

  • Weight Watchers VANILLA Yoghurt

    From fast fixes for busy mornings to indulgent breakfasts for the weekend, there's plenty to make sure that you start the day with a smile. Try Weight Watchers Vanilla Flavoured Yogurt for a delicious start to your day.

  • Weight Watchers Community

    At Weight Watchers, there's a world of support to suit you as you lose weight. Whether you go to a meeting, log onto the community boards on our website, tweet your achievements on Twitter or share with friends on Facebook, you'll find lots of members just like you.

  • X

    The look on your X's face when they see the new you after you've lost weight with Weight Watchers!

  • Your new routine of YOGA

    Make healthy habits second nature with a set of tried and tested routines that help you achieve long-term weight loss. Change is easy if you start small.

    You can't control what you feel, but Weight Watchers can help you control what you do. You could start that new YOGA class - and make it into a routine. By helping create sustainable behaviour change, Weight Watchers can not only help you to lose weight, but also keep it off for good."

  • Zero Heroes

    Most fruits and vegetables are Filling & Healthy foods, as you might expect. Almost all of them have zero ProPoints values, which means they're a great way to stretch your ProPoints budget further. They're also really easy to build into your environment - find out more from joining a meeting or signing up online at weightwatchers.co.uk

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