Firstly, many congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!

We understand that planning your wedding is one of the most exciting times of your life, but it can be stressful.

To ease the strain, we're bringing a multitude of businesses together under one roof. Whatever you're looking for you can be sure you'll find it at the Heart Essex Wedding Show.

Our spectacular fashion shows will take place during the day offering inspiration not just for the bride but the groom, mother of the bride & bridesmaids too.

Our next show is the 24th and 25th of February 2018.

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"It's the part of getting married that every girl dreams of... trying on the wedding dresses!"

Planning a wedding can be stressful and a bit of a whirlwind but one of the guaranteed fun parts of planning a wedding is going wedding dress shopping! We asked one of our fab brides for her tips on finding YOUR dress for the big occassion.

"There is no limit to how many shops you can visit, no limit on how many dresses you can try on, so soak up the experience and have fun with it! I had never tried on any weddings dresses before and after working at a wedding show for 8 years, I can tell you the temptation was always there!

When I first started to think about wedding dress shopping I had four main questions on my mind:"

1) So where to go?

"Asking friends who have got married recommendations is always a good thing! Wedding Shows - go to a few of them as they have a big selection of shops with different styles and you can speak to them and get a feel for the service before booking an appointment, plus you can see some of the dresses and how they twinkle under the lights on the catwalk!"

2) How much is it going to cost?

"My first round of wedding dress shopping I decided to use this to have fun and find my style, even though I knew roughly what I wanted, it's important to rule everything out and make sure it suited my figure. I tried the big poufy ones, I tried mermaid ones, I tried lace, satin, white, ivory, with sleeves, without sleeves, sweetheart neckline, sparkly, plain you name it, I tried it on! This allowed me to find a style that suited my body shape and also allowed me to get comfortable and confident in the shops, but also helped me figure out my budget so for the next round I was fully prepared, focused and knew what I was looking for."

3) Who do I take with me?

"This was easy for me as I always wanted to have my bridesmaids - who are also my sister in laws - and my mum with me, however this isn't always as simple and easy for everyone. The thing to remember is that everyone has an opinion and not everyone's opinion is the same and having 7 opinions coming at you is going to take away the fun and enjoyment very quickly and confuse you and what you want, so try to keep it at a minimum and make these people the people that know you and your style most but who also opinions you value the most."

4) How do you know when you've found 'The One'?

"Everyone kept telling me that I would cry when I found 'The One', but for me this wasn't the case. I kept thinking something was wrong when I didn't cry at the dresses I was trying on, but when I knew, I knew. I knew I had found my dress when I couldn't find anything wrong with it; I felt comfortable in it, I could dance in it and I knew when I looked back on photos I would fall in love with it again and again, to me it was perfect!"

My main tips are...

  • "Where to go? Wedding shows are a great place to find bridal shops plus recommendations from family and friends.
  • Budget? Have a budget that you ideally want to spend and what you would stretch that to if you found a dress you absolutely loved, but don't try any dresses on that are way over your budget as you don't want to fall in love with something you can't afford!
  • Who to take with you? Keep the people you take to a minimum so you don't get overwhelmed with too many opinions.
  • Most important tip is to have FUN! So be open and allow yourself to fall in love with your kind of perfect."

"Finding a venue can be almost as hard as finding a house!"

So you’re now engaged, you’ve celebrated, you can't stop staring at that gorgeous ring, you’ve started to get used to the fact that you are the Bride to be and now a Fiancée so what next?

Well you need to find a place to hold the wedding, this sounds like the best place to start!

1) Firstly, you need to establish what kind of theme you want

This will then help with the venue. There are now so many options out there from barns to country houses to skipping England all together for a beach and some sun!

2) So what kind of wedding do you want?

Do you want a big wedding or a small wedding? Do you want to do everything yourself or do you want parts included in the venue like caterers, DJ etc? Do you want to get married at the venue or do you want a church wedding? Do you want to get married in this country or had you always thought of going elsewhere for your wedding? These questions will help you in building your theme together and bring your ideas to reality! Plus - it’s a fun way for you and your fiancé to work together!

We wanted a rustic theme so a barn was perfect for us, we have big families so we always knew that it was never going to be a small wedding! We also wanted a church wedding and we didn’t want our guests having to travel too far so we put a radius of no more than a 20 minutes from the church. We went to visit around 8 different venues, we looked at venues that we had to do everything for and then venues that had some bits included, we worked out and compared the two budgets and then looked at what option would be less stressful. We decided that we didn’t want the added stress of doing absolutely everything so we opted for a venue that did the catering and had a wedding planner to help you on the day - but you could still add all your own touches to it!

3) Tips

  • Top Tip: One of the best ideas I read was for you and your partner to write down - without talking to each other - three things that are most important to you for the day, this is a great idea and may help you with your venue choice.
  • If you are looking at getting married in a year or two years’ time – Booking as soon as you have chosen your venue could save you money - some venues will give you that years’ prices so this could help you save a few pennies!
  • If you are looking at keeping costs to a minimum, look at when you are planning your wedding - off peak Jan-Mar is usually going to be a lot cheaper and weekdays Mon-Thurs should also be a lot cheaper than a weekend wedding!
  • How much do you actually want to do? Some venues already include the DJ, Caterers, Chair Covers etc and won’t allow you to bring in outside businesses, for some this is a time saver and one less thing to worry about, for others it takes away from what they want to do and their vision. So make sure you ask these questions when visiting the venues!

Finding a venue can be almost as hard as finding a house and you get the same feeling you get with a house you will know when you have found the right venue for you both.

Just remember this is about you two and your dream day together so remember make sure it’s your kind of perfect!

Mark Wright'sWedding Playlist

Heart presenter & Essex favourite Mark knows how to get the party started. So here's his ultimate 'Club Classics' wedding playlist!

Tune into 'Club Classics' with Mark Wright from 7pm to 9pm every Friday and Saturday night on Heart.

Mark Wright
  1. Candi Staton – Young Hearts Run Free
  2. Sister Sledge – We Are Family
  3. Robin S – Show Me Love
  4. Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling
  5. KC And The Sunshine Band – That's The Way I Like It
  6. Chic – Good Times
  7. Corona – Rhythm of the Night
  8. Barry White – You're The First The Last My Everything
  9. Michael Jackson – Don't Stop Till You Get Enough
  10. Ce Ce Peniston – Finally
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Our next show is the 24th and 25th of February 2018.

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